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The function of myths in the culture of a people

The function of myths in the culture of a people

The function of myths in the culture of a people

Did you ever wonder why there are stars in the sky? Do you ever want to know why there is fire on Earth. If you do, then you're not alone. The ancient Greeks and Romans were puzzled by these questions. To answer them, they invented what we know today to be myths. In other words, they created and passed on stories about gods and goddesses to answer their questions. These gods and goddesses were their idols and were worshipped.

What is the function in a culture of a people? I think that the first function of myths is to instill awe in the mysteries of the Earth. The second function of myths is to give and explanation of the natural word. The third function is to validate and support social customs of various societies. The fourth and final function of myths is to provide guidelines through the trials of life.

There various stories created all over the word - in the America by the natives, in Asia and Egypet, and even in Europe by the Kelts and the Norsemen.

These myths were told by storytellers and passed down through generations for hundreds of years before they were written down. The myths to people in ancient days were like true stories. They were carefully preserved.

That is how the myths we are familiar with today were created. They took thousands of years to develop into their present state. They are regarded as masterpieces of literature. They have shaped cultures and worlds.

Mythology is the way people told stories to explain natural phenomena an origin myth is a specific myth that explains how something came to be like the way the greeks explain thunderstorm or the season they say that the were responsible for this according to their feelings.


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