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Myths and legends of Great Britain or Ireland

Myths and legends of Great Britain or Ireland

Myths and legends of Great Britain or Ireland

Ancestor Travel has a wealth of local knowledge to help creatе your own tailor made “Myth & Magic” travel itineraries, or we can provide a large range of specialist small group tours guided experts in their field, offering you a rich veriety of subjects to help you explore your particular interest in the myths and legends of Great Britain or Ireland , or both!

Since ancient times, Great Britain and Ireland have been amongst the most significant countries in the world for myths and magic.

Legend meets the present in Great Britain…on the English flag, the Red Cross of St George, the legendary knight who slew the fire breathing dragon of a mystical past, and the proud dragon of the Welsh national flag.

When in comes to myths and magic, Great Britain and Ireland have it all….ancient islands, steeped in ancient myths, fables, legends and history.

Almost every town, city and village in Britain has its own secret history be it Celtic legends, the magical Druids, King Arthur & yhe Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the Magicial, Camelot, Dragons and Unicorns, sea monsters and faries, mermaids, silkies & banshees, crop circles ancient Romans & pagon blood rites, witches and wizards, magic its all here…

An ancient Celtic civilization…The Celts were the first true people of Britain, setting mainly in what is now northern England, Scotland and Wales. Their anciets priests and sorcerers were known as Druids. Most famous of Druidic monuments is probably Stonehenge(although mystery surrounds the dating of Stonehenge, as it pre-dates the Celts by perhaps 1,000 years). Close by is the mystical and ancient Avalon in Glastonbury, the legendary home of King Arthur & Camelot. In nearby Winchester are the famous Winchester Cathedral & the...


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