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Nature is alarming

Nature is alarming

Nature is alarming.

Are we doing anywhere near enough to restrict the destructive factors and to improve the situation?


I guess not as we still haven't seen any real improvement, have we? The naked truth is that the situation is exacerbating and we're neglecting the problem with the hope that things will get the right turn by themselves but that's only a fallacy. What we need to do is start thinking in a long term because environment is not only for us but for the future generations as well. We need to reverse the trend. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

Nature is alarming. This reflects the fact that it is daily exposed to the destructive human's activity. An extreme example is the waste disposal, the deforestation, the contamination of water supplies and even the incineration of waste. I believe you're all aware of the inevitable consequences and the havoc we're constantly causing. Al the toxic fumes emitted by the vehicles or by the dumped waste leads to air pollution and the so-called green house effect. Moreover, the deforestation leads to the loss of many natural habitats and extinction of animal and plant species. I am full of misgivings about the number of woodlands which is continuously declining. Another troubling fact is the extinction of many underwater species because of the oil spins. I think we've got that enough. Let's do something for, not against nature because we need her but she doesn't need us.

Enthralled by our materialistic aims, we forget to ask ourselves whether we'll need all the money we've earned when our planet is endangered. Global warming is the beginning of something worse. It could to natural disasters such as droughts, floods and even famine, in these cases money is worthless.

But there is still a hope. Provided...


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